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A life without addiction? It seems like a far cry for many people. Nevertheless, the first step on the road to rehab and living addiction-free is to acknowledge the problems. Many addicts do have an idea that something is wrong, but have often put this feeling far away.

Is your life revolving around your addiction? Are relationships suffering because of it? Problems with school, study or work? Does your health suffer greatly? Acknowledging the problem can be very difficult, and shame often plays a major role. It is important not to hide this shame away deeply, but to talk about it. This can be with someone you trust, but also with someone who is more outgoing, such as your doctor.

Life without addiciton: Where do I start detoxing?

There are several ways to kick the habit. However, it is There are several ways to kick the habit. However, it is important that you as an addict want to go through rehab. It is a difficult process that takes time. The help in our rehab clinic is very professional, so all possible means of rehab will be provided to you. However, it also takes a lot of perseverance to succeed. Are you addicted and do you want to kick the habit? Very good, but where do you start?

The first step to a life without addiction

There are different types of addictions that may be similar in their effects, but need to be addressed differently in terms of treatment. One step you can take is to visit your family doctor. Discuss your addiction problems and the doctor will put you in touch with the right professional help. Do you find this step too big?

There are also other ways to start kicking your addiction. However, one way that is not suitable for long-term addicts, but can help those who have been struggling with an addiction for less than a year, is to kick the habit with online help. Several addiction clinics offer online help. Through questionnaires, assignments and guidance via email, webcam or phone you get the right help.

Another way to kick the habit is to attend meetings of so-called self-help groups. Almost everyone knows the AA groups, Alcoholics Anonymous. These self-help groups meet at a location where everyone can join. You don’t have to do anything here. You can participate actively, but you can also sit and listen. This way everyone can exchange experiences and support each other.

However, self-help groups and online help are not suitable for long-term addicts. The addiction can be tackled, but the underlying problems are not sufficiently addressed in these self-help groups. A relapse is then very large. Long-term addicts would do well to contact a drug rehab center. The professionals there have years of experience in assisting long-term addicts.

Rehab clinics

The best-known way to get rid of an addiction is through rehab. Depending on the type of addiction and the length of time you have been addicted, there are several options available in terms of rehabilitation. You can go to a drug rehab clinic for treatment for a few hours a week, for special day treatments, but also for full hospitalizations where you will be helped 24 hours a day to get rid of your addiction.

One advantage of a rehab clinic is the help to your addiction to by taking you away from your environment. For long-term addictions, treatment in a rehab facility is the best solution. However, know that only undergoing treatment at a rehab clinic is not enough. You are ultimately the one who must do it, even after your treatment.

However, you have access to the best professionals and guidance. With the right attitude and enough perseverance, you can make the step to a new life without addiction.

Risks of quitting drugs

Independent drug withdrawal is not always without risk. It depends on each person and the degree of addiction/drug abuse. But professional guidance is very advisable, so that withdrawal is safe and controlled. This will also increase your success in drug detoxification. The withdrawal symptoms can come on suddenly. If you are trying to detox on your own, it can be very dangerous with certain drugs.

Drug withdrawal symptoms:

  • depression, insomnia, general gloominess
  • epileptic seizures
  • sweating, fever
  • palpitations
  • flashbacksh
  • hallucinations and/or other psychotic symptoms
  • aggression and other behavioral disorders
  • flu

The withdrawal symptoms and degree of severity vary from person to person and from the type of drug(s) you are addicted to. Not only physically but also mentally do you need to kick the habit. You may feel depressed, experience guilt, restlessness, feel anxious and regret. To avoid getting down in the dumps and using drugs again, it is important that you get support. We also offer spiritual and emotional support. You are not alone.

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Rehab: Look for excellent aftercare

If you have kicked the habit, you are not alone. We offer an excellent aftercare program. In the aftercare, we offer you something to hold on to and build on your recovery. The aftercare consists at least an individual session with one of our professionals. If there is an indication or need for more contact moments, this can always be extended.

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