Purify™ The only dedicated addiction detox center in Europe

A paradise in Southern Spain where your body can heal physically, before starting the psychological journey of recovery at the main residence, Hacienda Paradiso.

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Moving to rehabilitation and recovery

Detox is the first step and, for many people, it will be the most challenging step of their journey to a sober life. Purify™ from Hacienda Paradiso has been designed exclusively as a detox unit. Every aspect of the detox clinic is designed to make detox safe and comfortable, while reducing the risks associated with the detoxification process.

Getting the right support for detox is important, not just because of the dangers and risks it involves, but because a well-managed detox can help set up a successful rehabilitation and recovery. This is particularly important with a dual diagnosis, since treating both the addiction and a condition together ensures the effects of each are considered and the chances of success are much higher.

Purify™ is an oasis of calm. A bridge over the troubled waters of detoxification. A paradise in Southern Spain where your body can heal physically, before starting the psychological journey of recovery at the main residence, Hacienda Paradiso.

Stages of Detox @ Purify™

Upon arrival guests find an oasis of calm, deep in a beautiful Spanish conservation area. The location of Purify™ in the heart of nature, complements our medically supervised detox with an abundance of fresh air, vitamin D from 330 days of yearly sunshine and a gentle daily detox routine of mild exercise, therapy and relaxation.

Our expert detox team ensure that most people will never experience the most severe symptoms, allowing their body to heal while we work on creating the optimal individualized treatment plan. This is done first by stabilization followed by a period of detoxification. Once stabilization is completed, the focus of a drug and alcohol detox program alters to monitoring and supporting the various processes of the body. The body must expel the drugs and alcohol inside of it. A detox program will help with managing this typically unpleasant process known as withdrawal. Detox program are deployed to help the body heal following drug and/or alcohol addiction. Once this is done, you can transition into the next phase. Without detox, there is no moving onto the other aspects of rehab and recovery.

Purify™ villa

From our clients

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Mattie Casey

Escape to the beautiful countryside with us at Purify™ and begin your recovery journey today.


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